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Everything I list here I use regularly. Some of these links are referrals, which mean I may get a little extra money or discount, but at no cost to you – others are discounted, so we both save some cash. Win-win! I’ll keep this updated as I find more useful links.

Travel Gear (and much more)

Buying through Amazon will earn me a little commission – unfortunately I can’t offer a discount, but it will help considerably with the running costs of this site. Pick the right one for your country!

Web Stuff

Free Cloud Storage

Travelling around a lot, one of the best ways to have access to my files is via DropBox. A folder on your computer is securely uploaded to their server and can be accessed through their website. It’s perfect for keeping electronic copies of all your travel documents. Sign up with this link to get 5GB and an additional 500MB bonus space for both of us. They also allow shared folders, so it’s an easy way to share photos and videos with friends and family.


In China a VPN is a must-have, but it’s growing increasingly useful around the world. Many countries now choose to block certain websites and restrict internet freedoms. A VPN will give you unrestricted access to the internet anonymously. When travelling, a VPN is also great for security when using online banking in dodgy internet cafes!

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