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How to subscribe and share

Subscribing to updates

Enter your email in the form and you’ll get the latest stories sent directly to your Inbox (after some strange delay that I don’t understand!). It’s all automated, so I can’t send you any spam.

Alternatively, if you’re already a Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus user, then the buttons under the email form will let you get updates as soon as they happen.

Social Sharing

Following public requests (well, two of them) there are now buttons for StumbleUpon, Twitter and Facebook sharing at the top and bottom of every post. If you’re wondering what they are then here are some explanatory links:

  • Twitter’s homepage is a bit ambiguous, but it’s a lot like text message but with more interlinking between people
  • Facebook was invented after someone watched that film, The Social Network
  • StumbleUpon’s homepage is reasonably clear
  • RSS is a little more complicated until you’ve used it:  What Is RSS?, or RSS in Simple Terms
  • Google Plus is a bit newer. It’s similar to Facebook in many ways, but not that mainstream yet. Still, I’d appreciate it if you clicked the little [+1] buttons from time to time.

Feel free to try it now!

FWIW, RSS can be a huge timesaver if you read a lot of news on the Internet, StumbleUpon is a way of finding new and relevant web sites which can be fun time waster and Twitter is just a short form version of public group emails.

China Readers

Finally if you’re in China, and stuck behind the GFW, you can subscribe direct to my RSS feed here – it’s not quite as pretty as the main feed, but should be unblocked. I also try to publish to my Weibo account, but my Chinese isn’t good enough to even sign up for RenRen just yet.

If you’re on a VPN and the page looks awful, some of the VPN servers get blocked by the web servers as they’ve been abused by spammers. Change your server to one not in the US and it should all be fine again.

UPDATE: There’s now a version for the Amazon Kindle, but you have to pay 99p/month which is the lowest I could set it.

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