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Another day, another bird park – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




KL Bird Park claims to be the world’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary, and by area it is, but unlike Birds of Eden in South Africa it’s divided into 4 separate zones.  Three thousand birds of over two hundred local and foreign species fly around the twenty one acre site.

Zones 1 and 2 are the most open – it’s possible to walk among the birds as they flitter about generally ignoring you. Most of the birds here seem imported so it’s where to find flamingos, peacocks, owls, cranes and ibis

Zone 3 is much smaller and contains the predominantly local birds, including many different species of hornbill. At certain times of the day there are feeding shows so you can get a close up view of a mouse being eaten…

Zone 4 is the largest area. It’s mostly taken up with pens for the flightless birds and a large lake beside which is an amphitheatre for daily bird shows. Here can also be found the education centre and the World of Parrots, where it’s possible to feed the more exotic birds.

Overall it’s a fun and interesting park wher you can get upclose to the animals, but it is a bit too expensive to get in at RM50 each.

A free sneak peek of the Hornbill area can be had by visiting the café on the edge of the park. From the café balcony you can see down over Zone 3, which contains some of the more interesting native birds.





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