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In Photos: Zechawa Valley – Jiuzhaigou National Park




The last of three photo posts showing the beauty of Jiuzhaigou National Park in Sichuan Province, China. Jiuzhaigou is divided into three valleys, Shuzheng is the entrance, which branches into Rize and Zechawa. Zechawa Valley is the longest and highest in the National Park.

Five Coloured Pool Jiuzhaigou

Five Coloured Pool in Jiuzhaigou

This is one of the smallest, but also one of the most popular lakes in Jiuzhaigou, due to the intensity of colours and the clarity of the 6m deep water. The colours apparently cycle between red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple light, but we were there on a bright blue day. According to legend, the pond was where Goddess Semo washed her hair and God Dage came daily to bring her water.

Long Lake Jiuzhaigou

Long Lake in Jiuzhaigou

This is the highest, largest and deepest lake in the national park, being 7.5km long and 103m deep. Unlike most of the other lakes here, this one isn’t connected to the rivers that flow through the valleys. Instead it fills from snow melt and drains through natural seepage. Supposedly it has its own monster, trapped by the lack of connecting rivers.

Rhinoceros Lake Jiuzhaigou

Seasonal Lake in Jiuzhaigou

The three seasonal lakes (Lower, Middle and Upper) in Zechawa Valley fall and rise throughout the year. We went in November and they were full.

More about Jiuzhaigou

Be sure to check out the other two posts in the the series covering Shuzheng Valley and Rize Valley. The next post will be full of visitor tips for Jiuzhaigou, showing the reality of visiting this crowded tourist hotspot.





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