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Cheap days out – London, United Kingdom




Can’t believe that is a business, so for free:

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but with a bit of forward planning it’s easy enough to pay less. There are of course lots of great things to see and do for free, but the links below should help you significantly reduce the price of visiting the major attractions.

Days out is the official guide.
The link below will get you into most of the major attractions half price. Most of them require a valid paper overground rail ticket, so depending on where you are just jump on the train 1 stop and for £2.40 (at time of writing) you’ll save up to £25 on entrance fees. A couple of very short trips in tourist areas are London Bridge to Cannon Street, or Charing Cross to Waterloo. Both of these are less than a mile and you can easily walk back to the point of origin – just make sure you keep your ticket by not passing through the electronic gates – go through the manned area instead.

Time out also lists a variety of free and low-cost places to visit.

If you’re in town for more than a couple of days it’s worth investing in an Oyster Card. These are pre-loaded travel payment cards and get you reduced rates on the tube, trains and buses.

Special offers and booking

Bars and Pubs
Ugly website, but shows details of bars with Happy Hours, when there will be special offers on a variety of drinks

And make sure you get the best seats: – it’s like the SeatGuru of theatres.

Outside London
If you like the look of the coach trips advertised in most hotel lobbies, this website will show you how to get there by public transport.





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